Guide to Business & Careers

The Designer’s Guide to Business and Careers:
How to Succeed on the Job or on Your Own
by Peg Faimon
Kindle edition: 2011
Hardcopy published: 2009
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Inside are the tools designers need to get their design career off to a strong start and maintain it for the long haul. In this book, Faimon provides a comprehensive guide to basic business issues in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether the reader just graduated from college, are trying to build a freelance business, or are starting a firm, this book will give the reader the confidence and knowledge to create a successful and fulfilling career.

Readers learn how to:

  • Research different career paths in design and organize the job search
  • Craft an effective portfolio and master interview techniques to land the right job
  • Maintain a professional image and network to ensure a consistent stream of paying projects
  • Collaborate effectively with clients, other designers and experts in other professions (like printers, writers, marketers, and executives)
  • Establish a freelance business, develop an in-house career or kick-start a firm
  • Stay fresh and move forward in the ever-changing world of graphic design

In addition, real-world advice from working designers and an interactive format helps the reader apply new skills right away. The Designer’s Guide to Business & Careers gives readers everything they need to experience immediate success in their careers.