I am the author of three books on design.
Design Alliance:
Uniting Print and Web Design to Create a Total Brand Presence

Authored and designed by Peg Faimon
Published: 2003
HOW Design Books 

The integrated brand is the only brand that matters – for designers, clients and customers. Welcome to the early 21st century, where virtual and aura lover load is constant and unavoidable. In a world like this, clients have to rise about the din and connect with consumers on an emotional level. Anything less and they’ll be out of business fast. Why? Because consumers are drawn to brands that are relevant, credible, and authentic – brands that clearly communicate a company’s personality, vision and philosophy. A great logo used to be enough. Now it ensures fancy company letterhead and nothing more.

In Design Alliance, Peg Faimon shows the reader how to create brands that communicate effectively through a comprehensive program of traditional and interactive media – a proven method of creating a brand experience that differentiates a company from its competitors. Faimons’ invaluable advice is presented in an exciting, easy-to-navigate fashion. Design Alliance’s pages are literally split into upper and lower sections. The top section contains fifteen illuminating case studies that illustrate how to bring print, packaging, environmental, and web design together in an effective combination of print and new media. The bottom section contains useful background and reference material to complement and give context to the case studies. The split enables the reader to access both type of information at the same time, but at a different pace. It’s a unique new way of teaching integrated branding – quick, complete, and effective.
TheNature of Design:
How the Principles of Design Shape Our World – from Graphics and Architecture to Interiors and Products

Authored by Peg Faimon & John Weigand, designed by Peg Faimon
Published: 2003
HOW Design Books 

Let the world be your guide to design principles. Get a jolt of inspiration mixed with classic design principles. The Nature of Design teaches the reader the fundamentals of design illustrated through images from everyday life. The principles and elements of design shape our world – the curves of the human body, the color of a flower, the repetitive pattern of a building. The reader visually learns to recognize how surroundings in our daily lives merge with the fundamentals of design for awe-inspiring results. The Nature of Design also uses case studies – from brief to solution – to demonstrate the effective blending of design elements into a holistic creation. The reader gains a thorough understanding of the principles of good design and their application when you pick up this invaluable tool. Many of the images were either created or photographed by the authors, and the design was developed and implemented by Peg Faimon. This holistic approach to the project makes the book an even stronger presentation of the design principles.
The Designer’s Guide to Business and Careers:
How to Succeed on the Job or on Your Own

by Peg Faimon
Kindle edition: 2011
Hardcopy published: 2009
HOW Design Books 

Inside are the tools designers need to get their design career off to a strong start and maintain it for the long haul. In this book, Faimon provides a comprehensive guide to basic business issues in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether the reader just graduated from college, are trying to build a freelance business, or are starting a firm, this book will give the reader the confidence and knowledge to create a successful and fulfilling career.

Readers learn how to:
·  Research different career paths in design and organize the job search.
·  Craft an effective portfolio and master interview techniques to land the right job.
·  Maintain a professional image and network to ensure a consistent stream of paying projects.
·  Collaborate effectively with clients, other designers and experts in other professions.
·  Establish a freelance business, develop an in-house career or kick-start a firm.
·  Stay fresh and move forward in the ever-changing world of graphic design.