Teaching Philosophy and Hallmarks


One of the hallmarks of my teaching and curricular development has been the development of projects and programs that involve collaborative work between two or more disciplines, such as learning experiences between architecture, interior design, and graphic design; a collaborative thematic sequence between all four departments in Miami's College of Creative Arts (music, theatre, architecture+interior design, and art); and active involvement and development of multidisciplinary practicum courses. For more information see the links "educate" and "collaborate."

International projects and programs are also an important aspect of my teaching. Along with the co-development/co-instruction of eight international summer workshops (Design in Europe 1995, Italian Design 2001 and 2007, Laws, Hall & Associates International 2005, AIMS Ireland 2008, and Experiencing Arts & Culture: Paris 2013 and 2015, Design Thinking for Business 2019), I also assisted in bringing international artists/designers to campus. For more information see the link "international workshops."

Curricular Relevancy
Throughout my career in higher education I've created and refined design courses and curricula to maintain relevancy and push for disciplinary innovation. At Miami University, I worked with my colleagues to lead in the development of a BFA in Graphic Design, an MFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Experience Design, a Minor in Graphic Design, and an internship program for graphic design majors. With the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies, I worked with my Co-Director and the faculty to create new and revised thematic sequences, minors, a co-major, a major, a graduate certificate, and a concept for an MA in Digital Media.

Design Thinking
Miami Design Collaborative (MDC), was established to create a network of students and faculty crossing the silos of the university and establishing a multi-disciplinary design thinking education. Along with the assistance of the steering committee, I developed a certificate program and a Miami Plan thematic sequence from new and existing courses. This passion for design thinking education has continued with my work at Indiana University and an international workshop at IESEG in Paris, France.