Miami University

Below are examples of courses I developed over a 20+ year career at Miami University. Although I taught and/or developed many courses in the graphic design curriculum, I grew to focus on teaching these two courses:

ART451 The Professional Portfolio

Course Description
This course included revision of existing pieces to professional standards, and the execution of work to complete the professional portfolio. Photographing of 3D work, design, craft, organization and presentation of the portfolio was the focus. This course also covered some topics related to the business of graphic design, business correspondence, interviewing and self promotional skills, and job search strategies necessary to work and be successful in today’s profession. 

Learning Outcomes
· To “design” the career by being proactive and planning the student's path.
· To redesign and reorganize the portfolio into a cohesive and powerful statement about the student and their work.
· To learn about and implement general organizational and time management skills.
· To “brand” oneself through the resume package, digital portfolio and self-promotional piece.
· To learn about various career options, including graduate school.
· To learn basic business writing and correspondence skills and etiquette, including email and social media.
· To develop and learn effective and efficient job search skills.
· To develop strong interviewing skills and etiquette.
· To learn more about the professional environment.
· To support and challenge your peers to do their best work possible.
ART352 Identity Design

Course Description
Through the development and generation of marks, symbols, logotypes and their applications, this course addressed the practical and aesthetic concerns surrounding corporate identity, branding and information systems. Research and writing skills were also emphasized throughout the course.

Course Goals

· Experience with advanced image generation and typographic skills
· An understanding of branding theory
· An understanding of design as a system
· An understanding of the entire branding cycle
· Experience with a wide variety of brand applications
· An understanding of traditional brand development and evolving trends

Learning Outcomes
· Design strong brand marks/identity systems that are applied in various contexts
· Understand the professional/marketing and audience contexts for brand solutions
· Intelligently describe current and traditional trends in identity/brand development
· Intelligently present their work/ideas in a presentation, critique, or written documents

Special Engagements with Design Professionals

American Greetings Intensive Four-week Workshop
American Greetings worked with a selected group of six graphic design and six creative writers. The students’ assignment was to create authentic, compelling cards for their generation. My role was to organize the workshop, act as liaison, critique the work, and supervise the students during their presentation to AG at their headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. This was a co-curricular, non-credit bearing activity. 

LPK Design Intensive Workshop
LPK Design worked with the junior graphic design class. The students’ assignment was to create new and fresh designs for Bounty paper towels. Each participating student created multiple design concepts, and the chosen concepts were tested with consumers. My role was to organize the workshop, act as liaison, critique the work, and supervise the students during their presentation to LPK at their headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was a co-curricular, non-credit bearing activity.